Go digital. Do digital.

With EngageDXB interact, transact, and keep engaging totally contactless.

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Business Card
Government Entities
Idea Pool
Business Tenders
Business Community
Job Posting
Job Search
Event Hosting
Event Attending
Election Management
Digital Payments

*Coming soon

What are the
features included?

The system has multitude of features that helps you to accomplish your business goals. They are not limited to the below:

  • Digital Business Cards
  • Interact with government
  • Polls to gauge your thoughts
  • Idea Pool
  • Events Organising
  • Attend an Event
  • Business Groups
  • Post a job
  • Career search for job hunters
  • Business tenders
  • Contactless digital payments**
  • QR Code contact transfer & handshake

**Coming soon

How expensive is EngageDXB?

Registration and usage of EngageDXB is completely free.

How can you be a part of it?

Download EngageDXB from App store or Play store. Or you can visit engagedxb.gov.ae. Register in 2 quick steps and be a part of the virtual business hub.