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What is EngageDXB?

EngageDXB is the first consolidated virtual platform conceived by Dubai Economy on behalf of the Government of Dubai, to engage and network with individuals and organizations – both in the public and private sectors.


As a pioneer in digital economy, EngageDXB's mission is to formulate and set up a reliable platform that allows the users to interact and engage in the right circles, so that they will be equipped to position themselves in a way that would grow their business and network simultaneously.


Our vision is to create and nurture a trusted ecosystem that will help individuals and businesses to engage, interact and explore the business community in Dubai and across the globe and vice versa.

Transformation is here

EngageDXB is the face of transformation of the business ecosystem of Dubai. It is a virtual business hub that acts as the bridge that connects the public and private sectors, by enabling direct access to the Department of Economic Development, Dubai. This initiative elevates the business ecosystem of Dubai by opening up a multitude of opportunities waiting to be discovered.

Unparalleled opportunities for
International business

This initiative transforms the business ecosystem of Dubai to a completely virtual business hub. EngageDXB has opened a window to the rest of the world to engage with the thriving business environment of Dubai. This business matchmaking platform provides inexhaustible opportunities for local businesses in Dubai to connect with international business and vice versa. EngageDXB is evolving to be a dynamic platform for potential partners to handshake and explore more avenues in local and international business.

What constitutes the virtual
business hub?

EngageDXB business hub is a close virtual replication of the real-world business ecosystem. With the impact of COVID19 encouraging more businesses to have an online presence, EngageDXB provides a space for the businesses to interact.

The platform has a mobile application (for iOS and Android) and a complimenting website. The system gets updated regularly, by adding on features as well as constantly updating the technology involved.

When was
EngageDXB launched?

Version 1 of EngageDXB was launched in 2018. Since then, it has evolved into a complete business engagement platform with the inclusion of numerous feature enhancements and technology upgrades.

Who can use

Any person or organization from anywhere can use EngageDXB. Businesses in Dubai have the option to validate their existence on the system. Residents of the UAE can also validate themselves using the UAE Pass. Such validations can elevate their profiles to verified status and can stand out from the rest.

What are the
features included?

A few of the features of EngageDXB are listed below.

  • Digital Business Cards
  • Interact with government
  • Polls to gauge your thoughts
  • Idea Pool
  • Events Organizing
  • Attend an Event
  • Business Groups
  • Post a job
  • Career search for job hunters
  • Business tenders
  • Contactless digital payments*
  • QR Code contact transfer & handshake

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Benefits to users

  • Stay updated with the latest updates on government policy reforms.
  • Connect with government officials.
  • Set up a company page in few minutes and get exposure in the hub.
  • Find new opportunities for investments.
  • Connect, explore and network with business groups, companies and leaders across all industries.
  • Post jobs and find the right talent.
  • Leverage the platform to expose your unique product or service proposition.
  • Get access to all government tenders .
  • Create branded digital business cards for your business.
  • Organize events.
  • Attend an event.
  • Contactless digital payments**

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How expensive is EngageDXB?

Registration and usage of EngageDXB is completely free.

How can you be a part of it?

Download EngageDXB from App store or Play store. Or you can visit engagedxb.gov.ae. Register in 2 quick steps and be a part of the virtual business hub.